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Irish Society for Theatre Research

The Irish Society for Theatre Research (ISTR) is all about inclusive theatre research which extends well beyond Ireland. It promotes new and exciting ways to view theatre from different historical, cultural, theoretical and performance frameworks.

What Does the ISTR Do?

The ISTR is dedicated to domestic and international research relating to Irish theatre and performance. It is also open to new interpretations of Irish theatre from across the world.
The organisation welcomes contributions from many different levels of professions and also likes to include new additions from the community. The ISTR presses for equal treatment, social justice and participation by citizens.

Culturally diverse perspectives, critical oversight, a lack of intellectual superiority and feedback, are all an important reason why the ISTR is regarded highly by its members, academia and the public.

What is the Importance of the ISTR?

Good theatre relies on story, characters, and settings which not only engage with the audience but also makes people view those same theatrical apparatus from different perspectives. This can not be achieved without new research which can change the way that theatre is written and performed. For example, British or Irish women may have a different perspective on theatre from a historical point of view. The research of the ISTR guarantees that more views of the audience are considered. This makes theatre in Ireland much more exciting and engaging over time.

The ISTR plays an integral part in new and emerging theatre in Ireland. Its strong foundation of research, inclusiveness, and collaboration is highly influential in Ireland and beyond.